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Our Approach







The most important aspect of any relationship is to listen. We realize that your content, whether it's a marketing brochure or a user guide, reflects who you are as a company: your culture, standing, and level of professionalism. Understanding how you'd like to convey your company's voice and message is critical for us so that we can facilitate your documentation success. None of this is possible, however, without listening.
Of course, not every conversation is a one-way street. Productive commnication comes from discussion and engagement between all parties. In this stage, we seek to probe further into the background you've provided... asking questions and seeking clarifications in order to more fully grasp your content requirements. You are more than welcome to ask questions of us as well!






Post-discussion, we bring all of your information back to our offices and hold our own meetings to discuss your unique needs and, pointedly, decide on a set of recommended solutions that address those needs. At a time convenient to you, we then meet and present our findings for your review. After approval from all parties, we formulate a comprehensive Documentation Strategy from tactical (current needs) and strategic (long-term) viewpoints.

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